How the Corona pandemic effects our delivery date – Monthly Recap

Philo Boras

08. Dec 2021

Hello community,
We’re in the home stretch heading into 2022, so we want to give you a few updates today.


In August we already informed you about the Corona pandemic-related delivery problems. Since then we have tried to do everything possible to overcome these difficulties from our side – with the result that unfortunately we cannot influence the process ourselves.

As before, electronic components that we need for production are hardly available, which means we will not be able to deliver this December and can not give you a concrete new delivery date. This is still due to the world economic situation and supply chain shortages caused by the pandemic.

The delivery time of the individual components varies; overall we expect the components to be available next year in spring at the earliest.
We will get back to you as soon as we have news.


While we have no influence on those delivery circumstances, we have all the more influence on Nutrio and Nutrio’s development. We will use the time until then to optimize Nutrio for you. At the moment we are in the development of new prototypes, which will go to a selected group of people. We expect to complete these in the coming weeks and then pass them on to this chosen group of people.

Again, we have had to be very patient over the last 2 months whilst waiting for just a handful of parts. We will use the feedback from these people to further develop Nutrio for you in the best possible way.

The group of people here will consist of people who, first, have nothing to do with Nutrio, secondly, have not pre-ordered, and third, are not in close connection to a buyer. This way we expect unadulterated results, because these people go into testing without any special expectations.

If you want to test Nutrio too…

We want to give you the opportunity to test the current version of Nutrio in our office. You are welcome to contact us by email or via our social media channels and we will then take care of a Corona-compliant appointment with you, which can also take place via video call, depending on the regulations.

Thank you for your trust!
Stay healthy!

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