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Meet Nutrio

your personal health assistant. Nutrio tracks all the food you eat automatically and makes it as easy as possible to reach your personal nutrition goals.


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    Our Story.

    Hi, we are Philo and Jonathan.

    We are enthusiastic engineers and tech nerds, but also personal trainers and competitive athletes. Doesn't fit together? We think it does.

    Because that's our superpower!

    As athletes, we always want to progress and achieve new personal goals. But sport is only half the battle. Without the right nutrition, nothing works.

    However, the usual food tracking methods were far too time-consuming and cumbersome for us.

    That's when our tinkerer's heart awoke. Because we always wanted to invent something that would use technology in a meaningful way for people.

    After much trial and error, sweat and sleepless nights, Aurora Nutrio saw the light of day in 2020.

    Nutrio is the world's first cutting board that automatically recognizes your food and tracks it in an app - without an extra step, without you having to manually enter or calculate anything. It gives you the knowledge you need to make good decisions about your nutrition. You get the perfect overview - for more safety, freedom and relaxation when eating.
    Whether you are a competitive athlete, a hobby athlete, or have a disease-related need (such as diabetes or food intolerances):

    We believe that with our simple food tracking system we simplify the everyday life of millions of people and enable them to reach their goals - to live a better and healthier life. And when people do well, the world does better.

    We call it the food tracking revolution. Are you in?


    Within 11 minutes, Nutrio had already reached its funding goal. Thanks to the great support of 325 people, almost 100,000€ have been raised.

    Why did we decide to crowdfund ?

    Crowdfunding is a unique way to involve people with the same vision in our mission. We like the idea of doing something great together. We want to use this wonderful opportunity to share our ideas and first products with you. With your help, we can now complete the steps of our development and start the production of Nutrio. We are very grateful for your trust and will accept it with great responsibility. Join us on this exciting journey and be part of the food tracking revolution!

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